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How to Use Tinder in India?


how to use tinder in india


Lets start by knowing what is tinder first and then we will learn how to use tinder . Obviously it’s one of the most popular dating apps. The concept here is very simple. In this app, we have to swipe Right or Left. If we like other person’s profile, we can swipe right and if we don’t like it, we can swipe left.  If the person’s whose profile we have just swiped right also right swipes our profile, Bingoo!!!! we get the match. Also there are some other options like Super Like & Boost your profile which will be discussed later.


How to Download & Start Using Tinder?


Well that depend on your mobile operating system.

For Android Users : Download from here.

For IOS Users : Download from here.

We can login / create account in tinder via logging in from Facebook. There is also an option to login via Phone Number.

Now we assume that you have installed the app on your mobile phone. So let’s moved forward to get more matches.


On the first screen, you will find two options : Edit Info & Settings Options


Edit your Tinder Profile to Get More Matches


Image Section :

Well you can say it’s more about love at first sight. Images are the first thing that other users see on our profile. So keep your best pics on the Tinder 😉

Intro Section :

Then comes the intro section. Don’t leave it blank. Write something interesting about you, stuffs that you love, things that you hate the most. Make it short & precise. No one has the time to read an essay on you. Above all, be genuine. Remember it’s a real person behind the profile. Treat them with respect & dignity.

There are some other options also. We can fill them as them too as they give more authority to our profile and confirms that our account is genuine.

Then we have the option of Current Work, School. These options get fetched from our Facebook Profile. We need to update this on Facebook First.

Then their Gender option. Select the gender.

After that, their is “Control Your Profile”. Select the options as per your convenience .

Moving to Settings Tabs :

Here you can find options to have control over the Maximum Distance to which you can see people’s profile, select age range( age of people who you want to date with) & some more features which you can easily understand once you go through it.

What is Tinder Plus?


It’s the premium version of Tinder App where you get 5 Super Likes ( For free version people get only 1 super) for each day & 1 Boost option every month.

Tinder Boost : It’s a paid feature. For 30 minutes, your profile gets boosted & gets more views as compared to the normal tme.

Super Likes : When you super like anyone, they get the notification that they have been super liked unlike the right swipe where we don’t get any notification.




  • Is it necessary to login Tinder from Facebook or do we have any other option?

We can login from Facebook as well as from your phone no( Beta Version )

  • How can we chat with the other person whom I recently like?

We can only chat if both the person’s have swiped right or have accepted your super like request.

  • Is Tinder free?

Yes. But there are paid Options too.

  • What are the options available in Paid Feature which are not available in Free Feature?

You got 5 Superlikes on a daily basis as well as 1 Boost option in a month.

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