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10 Worth Watching Ted Talks ( Motivate Yourself Now to Achieve your Dreams )

These are the 10 most-viewed TED lectures, according to a September 2010 feature story in Fast Company:

1) Jill Bolte Taylor
My Stroke of Insight
When the neuroscientist picks up a human brain with a spinal cord attached,
the audience gasps. When she’s done talking about her stroke, they’re

2) Patti Maes and Pranav Mistry
Sixth Sense Demo
The MIT Media Lab researchers debut a spooky Minority Report — style wearable interface.

3) Ken Robinson
Schools Kill Creativity
This highly influential talk spawned a viral 2010 follow-up and made the
creativity expert a star; Robinson says he now “gets stopped in

4) Tony Robbins
Why We Do What We Do
Robbins high-fives Al Gore in this video. “One of the best TED moments of all time,” says TED video chief June Cohen.

5) Elizabeth Gilbert
Nurturing Creativity
The best-selling author bares her struggle to repeat the success of Eat, Pray, Love.

6) Dan Pink
Surprising Science of Motivation
The science proves that intrinsic motivation works better than extrinsic
rewards, but your boss doesn’t understand. Pink explains how to tell

7) Hans Rosling
The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen
The Swedish professor dances through a spectacular animation of world development.

8) Benjamin Zander
On Music and Passion
TED hosts performances as well as talks. This blends the two, with Zander at the grand piano.

9) Barry Schwartz
The Paradox of Choice
In a baggy T-shirt, with glasses sliding down his nose, Schwartz gives a
profound, witty discourse on why more freedom doesn’t equal more

10) V.S. Ramachandran
On Your Mind
A brain scientist in a leather jacket tell us how “this 3-pound mass of jelly … can contemplate the meaning of infinity.”

Source: Quora. An answer from Noah Robischon

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