How do I Become a Handsome & Attractive Guy?

I used to look like this back in 2014.Fat and ugly.

I look like this now! Handsome and attractive!

Here’s what I did to achieve not only good looks but also attention from the girls.

Water :Drink LOTS of water .I personally drink 5– 6 entire bottles of water in a day ,2 while working out alone.Water keeps you hydrated and ensures that toxins are thrown out of your body.

Skin Care : I started taking care of my skin.I use a scrub every 3 days and moisturise daily.I also use a skin cleansing brush once a week. Glowing skin is a plus ,always.

Lips and teeth: I use VLCC lip balm everyday.I brush twice a day.Bright pink luscious lips are always a turn on for a girl.

Workout: I lost 30 kilos and became muscular.You read that right.This is the main thing that transformed me,rest were just add ons. Muscles indicate masculinity and trust me the girls cant resist staring at a sculpted pair of pecs.

Haircare: I started following trendy hairstyles β€”the undercut,pompadour ,quiff etc.I also started using serums and argan oil to keep them shining.They work wonders.

Eat Healthy: You are what you eat.Eat clean stay lean steal the queen \U0001f4aa.

Confidence And Personality: All of the above is rubbish if you dont have a personality.Girls like dominant rebellious guys who are confident about thenselves.A little humour will take you places.

In the end I realised a true woman will go beyond the riums of physical appearance and love you.Treat her right,respect her for who she is and be a true gentleman .Thats all you truly need.

All the best,Chickmags!

Edit 1: Sorry i forgot to mention electrolytes and multivatimins. They work wonders.

Source : Quora Answers

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