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Check our the Interesting Lifestyle of a Full Time Stock Investor / Trader Rahul Dadmi

Check our the Interesting Lifestyle of a Full Time Stock Investor / Trader Rahul Dadmi


I’m a Full Time Stock Market Trader,also a Value Investor,here’s my summary of general day to day life:

  • My day starts at 5AM,i freshen up & go to a walk with my dog.I walk 5.5 kms.
  • After the walk,i chill out at a lake,just enjoying the scenery.
  • At 7:00AM,i read a couple of newspapers(The Hindu & Economic Times).
  • I start tracking Asian Markets from 8AM,upto 8:30AM.
  • I setup my trading workstation which includes Laptop,TV & Mobile.
  • Write down a few notes,regarding expected Opening by analysing previous EOD data.
  • I don’t take positions from 9:15–9:30AM,after the volatile Opening,which on most day’s is,I’ll start observing the trends & enter the OrderBook.
  • My First Trade generally ranges from 40–50 minutes & i’ll close out the position.
  • At 11AM,I’ll take the position in Second Trade of the day & close Laptop & TV,keeping mobile ON for price alerts,SL trigger,etc.
  • I relax now,reading few ebooks over my kindle,generally Biographies genee(I’m currently reading ‘Imagine Only Wanting This’ by Kristen Radtke).
  • While reading the ebook,I’ll be also keeping an eye on my Trading App with Charts Open & also watching indicators for signals for any reversals.
  • After closing the open trade,it’ll be time for lunch,i do have a heavy lunch with loads of Carbs!
  • It’ll be around 14:45 now,I’m looking for any possibilities of quick last minute gains,so open up my workstation & will initiate day’s third trade.
  • At 15:15,i decide to close out(80% of times,when sometimes i change the order into overnight hold).
  • At 16:00 hours,with Coffee mug in my hand & a magazine(Mostly AutoCar or Men’s Health),I’ll be relaxing in my balcony.
  • I go out of town,to a couple of nearby hillside places,mostly to Panhala(Kolhapur residents will know).I just enjoy the beauty & just spending time(I’m extremely introvert).
  • At 18:30,i would be having classes to teach.I teach Technical Diploma In Civil Engineering to a few students at my residence.
  • At 20:30 hours,will have dinner with my parents who will be watching their favourite TV Series,Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma.
  • I’ll have talks with my parents about general day to day life & maybe about setting up a Business,when my Father retires from his Banking Service next year.
  • At 22:00,I’ll be watching a TV Series on NetFlix,also would be on WhatsApp.
  • I sleep at 00:00–00:30 hours mostly,although i do take sleep inducing medicines,my sleep apnea isn’t going anywhere i guess!
  • That’s all,on a Trading Day.
  • Weekends are super chilled up,I’ll be going on a long drive with my father,we just chill out driving through the countryside & another special thing would be i cook Lunch at home.

Also,i trade only 14–16 day’s a month,so I’m happy to explore many thing’s during these times,which i mainly utilise to teaching underprivileged students,which i really love.

So,my life is calm & relaxing or you could say chilled out,if you compare it with any regular 9–6 Job,I’m my own boss!

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