How do people go to a job they dislike everyday?

I recently made a change in career and I’m in my late thirties. I am now in a company that I love and want to grow with but I dislike the job. Although I am making a change in career, I have actually always truly enjoyed what I was doing.

Now, I took this job just to get into the company but dread walking through those doors every day. I’m also dealing with other issues such as being to old to take an entry level corporate position, feeling incompetent and wondering if I made the right decision at all.

I am interviewing and networking to hopefully move into a position that I enjoy within the company but I know that will take some time, I’ve only been there 4 months. I am also someone who believes you must find happiness in your current situation as it comes from within and not from a new position.

This mindset has been hard to maintain. I look at my co-workers and wonder how they have been doing such a position for years when I want to pull my hair out. I just feel like I am not being appreciative for being at my ideal company and focusing on this position.

I’m also struggling with being the older newbie and making tons of mistakes. I’m starting to feel like maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well in my case maybe. I’m getting better everyday and trying to keep a positive outlook but just wondering how others do it. I’ve been kind of spoiled in life where I have never had a job that I hated, so this is all new to me. I also have a family, so picking up and saying goodbye is not an option.

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