What are some private things you have caught people doing?

I am from India & was in a train from Delhi to Bangalore, which takes roughly 36 hours. It was a 2-tier AC Coach (for the uninitiated, it means a cabin of 2 lower seats & 2 upper seats – see pic below).

I was on one of the upper berths. Along with me was a couple & a small kid of 7 Years. We introduced ourselves & apparently they were going on a vacation long due.

I should not say this but the girl was a looker. I mean, a face that you will dream of hours after seeing. And a body that many girls would die for. She was how god had intended girls to look like!

Anyway, after dinner, I went up to my allocated seat & tried to catch up on some sleep. The guy also came up to the adjoining berth in a short while.

Trains are not the best place for a sound sleep (at least for me). So, it was just a light nap with lot of tossing & turning. After some time, (maybe a couple of hours), the guy got down & sat on his wife’s seat. I could see them from the corner of my eye as I was feigning sleep. There was also some light coming from the corridor lamps.

He slowly moved her head on to his lap, brushed away some strands of her hair & gently kissed her. She must have been expecting him as I could sense that she was wide awake & reciprocating. They furtively looked in my direction to check. But ‘Your Truly’ is a good actor :).

Sensing a ripe opportunity, the guy then lay down besides her & joined her under her sheets. I being a teenager at that time was all curious & did not even think about facing the other way. They even removed their clothing after a few mins.

The show went on for a good half hour. They went all the way, i guess. Since, the sheets were not the largest made, I saw some skin during this episode. The beauty of female anatomy was not lost on me.

Those 30 mins, ensured that Indian Railways was able to take away at least my contribution of revenue away from the Airline companies. For the next 2 years, I travelled by trains if time permitted 🙂

PS – Needless to say that the kid slept through this all, oblivious to his surroundings!

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