What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in front of your crush?

Haha. I had a really embarrassing moment once.

It was in the late 90s and I had a crush on this cute guy in my locality. He used to live right across our house. Ours was an independent house with a high ramp. So every evening, I would start my Luna (an old moped), walk it down to the road through the ramp and then start it to go for my 12th standard tuitions.

That day I saw him standing in front of his house. I was about to walk down my Luna, but then I got a brilliant idea.

I rushed inside, picked up my mom’s over sized sunglasses, put them on my face (to impress him) and instead of walking down my Luna, I started it on the ramp itself.

I raised the accelerator, raced it down the ramp and that is when I lost all control. And to my utmost embarrassment I rammed my Luna in the garden of his house.

Not only I had destroyed few of his neatly arranged plants but I had also damaged my Luna and where was the pair of sunglasses? Somewhere in the mud.

The minor accident occurred with a thud that not only he rushed to help me, few other neighbors also came to the rescue. Everyone asked me one question, ‘Why, after all, why did you start it on the ramp when you knew you wouldn’t be able to control it?’ and I kept silent while he kept smiling handing over the sunglass to me.

Thank you for this question. It has helped me in reminiscing some childhood memories that are now a proof that I have lived a pretty exciting life. 😀

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