Does Tinder Really Work in India?

28 y/o male living in New Delhi here.

I heard of Tinder earlier this year and used it to make new acquaintances as I wasn’t looking for a fuck buddy .

Thanks to a great face and somewhat funny bio I matched with 3–4 women a day consistently .

Around 80% of them were looking for boyfriends / casual relationships .

The introductory discussions were followed by unmatching ,sometimes by myself , sometimes by the women ..

That left around 6–7 women who weren’t looking for anything other than decent company .

I met up with women over lunch and dinner to see whether we shared some common interests or not , and I found a few who did .

I’m still in touch with around a dozen women I met through that app , and have found in them extremely intelligent , curious and non-pretentious individuals who are willing to embrace others as friends / acquaintances..

Since I wasn’t looking to sleep around in the first place it played a huge part in creating a middle ground wherein the women knew in advance that I wasn’t lusting after them and wished to enjoy their company instead of enjoying them .

Depending on how you want to use Tinder , your mileage may vary .

All I can say based on my personal experience is that its extremely important to have the following things on Tinder :

  1. A clear cut bio
  2. Photographs of yourself that don’t make you look like a joke
  3. Being upfront regarding your usage of this application for <whatever you want to get out of it >Even on a platform that’s stereotyped for being used by people looking to fuck , you can enjoy a good old fashioned “friends with no benefits ” association with the ones you meet here 🙂

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