Have you caught your husband cheating?

Yes I have caught my husband cheating me right on the day of wedding itself.

How did I feel? ‘helpless’

Yes that’s how girls used to be like, in those days.

How did he cheat me?

In Telugu marriages there is this custom, which is called ‘binde lo ungaralu tiyyadam’ which means ‘taking out a ring from a pot containing water’

In this custom, a ring is dropped in a pot containing water.

when the pandit says “go” bride and groom will place their hands at once in the pot and one of them takes out the ring.

This competition is carried out three times

Whoever takes it out more number of times is the winner. It is believed that who ever takes it out will be the winner and he/she will have an upper hand on their spouse through out their life.

This is how it goes:

First time I took out the ring. Second time he.

Now final round would decide who would be the winner in life.

The ring came into my hand. I was happy.

I was about to take out my hand. Then husband suddenly pinched my hand.

With a jolt I dropped the ring in the water.

He took out the ring and proudly showed it to every one.

He was declared the winner.

Is it not cheating?

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