What should I start doing in my 20 so that I have nothing to regret at 40?

  1. Learn to say NO with confidence.
  2. Start Investing.
  3. Buy life insurance for yourself.
  4. Expand your network.
  5. Be open to criticism.
  6. Excel in one skill.
  7. Trust people with open eyes.
  8. Set goals.
  9. Take stand. Don’t be spineless.
  10. Improve communication skills .
  11. Take out time for reading, painting, singing, dancing, whatever your hobbies are.
  12. Spend quality time with your parents/family.
  13. Make efforts to stay in touch with your school and college buddies.
  14. Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
  15. Let go of your grudges.
  16. Learn the art of negotiation.
  17. Excess of anything is always harmful. May that be food, sleep or work.
  18. Let health and fitness be your first priority. Exercise or yoga for half an hour is must.
  19. Drink lots of water every day.
  20. Never ever ignore health issues.
  21. Drink less or no alcohol. Stop smoking.
  22. Make a good routine for yourself and try your best to follow it.
  23. Be open to new experiences.
  24. Set a happiness routine.
  25. Be considerate.
  26. Be independent.
  27. Start prioritizing.
  28. Learn to accept and love yourself first.
  29. Listen to everyone but do what you feel is right for you.
  30. Always remember there is room for improvement.
  31. Start introspecting. But don’t be harsh on yourself.
  32. Make efforts to keep nature and environment clean and healthy.
  33. Take out some time from your day which is strictly for yourself.
  34. Don’t let a bad experience make you harsh. Let it make you strong and wise.
  35. Please wear helmet while driving bike. It might spoil your expensive hairstyle but it will save your invaluable life.
  36. Never underestimate yourself. You can do anything the moment you decide to do it.
  37. Be a role model.
  38. Never miss a chance to learn.
  39. Do what you love and love what you do.
  40. Don’t take everything seriously 🙂

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