What are the top useful habits that you can practice in your own life every day?

  1. Taking habit change slowly – I don’t have a bunch of good habits yet since every attempt of mine at a dramatic habit change has failed. I’ve learnt to take things slowly.
  2. Push ups when I’m bored – I realized setting a time to exercise doesn’t really work for me and since I get bored a lot especially when writing, I could use her boredom. So everytime I catch myself being bored and surfing randomly on her Internet, I get down and do push ups until I can’t lift myself up anymore.
  3. I keep a gratitude journal – I’ve been trying it since December and I still miss a day at time but it’s mostly complete. I record my thoughts and things I’m grateful for each day in it before I sleep.
  4. I wake up write and go back to sleep – with this I’ve been able to write 1.5 k words or more everyday for the last 2 months. I was able to write an ebook on confidence in just 5 days because of this.
  5. I read a new book every week – I’ve been doing that for over a year not and it’s one of the rules I will never break.
  6. I listen to audible everyday – when I’m walking, working or sometimes immediately after my push ups, I plug in the earphones and I listen on.
  7. I write on Quora everyday
  8. I practice Self-compassion – sometimes I forget all these and throw them out of the window, sometimes I get depressed but I always get back to self compassion. I accept myself for being human, love myself for being me and I help me get back on track.
  9. I take a long walk almost everyday evening
  10. I stream stand up comedy – because it makes me laugh out loud and get into some joy.

Source : Answer by James Haforlarin

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