What is one thing you regret doing?

There are many regrets actually !

1st :

I was about to become a prostitute , yes you read it right !

It is about a year ago . The lust in me made me crave for sex as I am 20 and I have never been in relationships i.e I have been single and I am single now. And it is quite natural to have such feelings but It was different for me as I decided to have sex as soon as possible. I searched for girls on almost all dating , marriage and social site. Plus I don’t wanted to pay for these sites so I joined only free sites . But it didn’t work out at all. Then I started joining different dating groups from my city on facebook. After searching for days I finally found a guy(Mr.X) who could help me get laid though his contacts . Meanwhile I also found some good contacts on classified sites.I used to chat with all these contacts using whatsapp. What they all asked me in the first place were some of my details but Mr.X was the one who gave me some of the details of this business in return which actually built some trust in me for him and I thought that he is the one ! Plus he told me about my job in detail and salary structure. It was like a dream job for me to get paid for pleasuring myself. But he wanted me to register first and give medical reports to make sure that I am free from AIDS and STDs by paying some amount in the given bank account details. This way he earned more trust from me(As it looked genuine). For some days I stopped chatting to him(Mr.X). After a while I started receiving calls from him in order to get me registered but I used to give excuses to get some time to think about it as I don’t wanted to waste my pocket money(Basically whole year savings) for nothing . Then one fine day my parents were out of town and I called him that I have deposited the money in your bank account . Then I messaged him on whatsapp regarding further procedures , he said I will get my first service within 4 hours . I was eagerly waiting for my first time that day doing all the research on internet on what should i be doing after 4 hours . 4 Hours passed and I messaged him again asking about my service . He replied “ Jald Milegi” (Very Soon) . Maybe he broke his SIM after that. He deleted his facebook account too. Now I was searching on how can I get my money back from his bank account(Stupid me ). Well I still have that bank slip and I will keep it until I get my money back with interest. I will try to get a job in bank to get all the details associated with that account number.

PS: I will write about other regrets some other day.

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