What are your top 3 secrets in life?

Well, the top three secrets in my life are:

  1. I have had sex with my boyfriend’s father.
    He’s now my ex boyfriend, but he still doesn’t know that I had slept with his father. My ex was pathetic in bed, and I’m someone with a high sex drive. I still meet his father for sex, occasionally.
  2. I have had sex for money.
    I have no shame in admitting this, that I had sex with a few people in exchange for money. Not that I intended to do it for money, but they did give me money after sex.
  3. My friends think I’m an orphan, but I’m not.
    All my friends know that my parents are dead. But the reality is that they are still alive, but not in contact with me since they disowned me.

Here you go. Three secrets in my life. Cheers!

Source : This story has been taken from Quora

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